5 Ways to Remain Calm, Cool and Collected in a Crazy World

August 5th, 2020

In today’s cultural and political climate, with the addition of a global pandemic, it is important for all of us to remember to stay calm, cool, and collected. Here are 5 tips for staying calm when it seems like the world around you has gone crazy!

  1. Stay positive. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you are looking at the world around you with a negative attitude. Instead of focusing on the negative, choose to confidently face any hardships with a positive attitude. 
  2. Identify the stressor. While it might seem counterintuitive, focus on what exactly is causing you to feel stressed. This will let you overcome those feelings by focusing on the strengths you have and your ability to understand what is seeming scary or crazy. 
  3. Reframe the situation. When faced with a crazy situation, take time to calm down and decompress. Once you remove yourself from the stressor, you can develop a different perspective to help you reframe the crazy world into something that you can face head-on. 
  4. Make a plan. If you are faced with a crazy situation, make a step by step plan to get through the difficulties. Creating a clear plan of attack, you will be able to stay calm. 
  5. Have fun. Take advantage of any opportunity to have fun by doing something you enjoy with people who make you happy. Spending time doing something you enjoy can help you feel calm. As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, spending time at the shooting range has health benefits and can help you stay calm in the face of the crazy world. 

Things around you may seem crazy, but if you apply these 5 simple tips, you will be able to stay calm, cool, and collected!